Member’s photos and links to videos
I’ve made a few videos of some of the locations the group has visited. Click on the You Tube link below to see them.
If you want to add a photo or two, they don't have to be taken on any of the organised walks, send them to: Please include some details - where, when taken or any comments you want included
I received an email from a visitor to the site, I’ve include part of the email: Love your website, it has given me inspiration to go and explore my own area. I am not able to hike the distances you do and to that end I have created a Youtube channel of the shorter, easier walks that I have done. The name of the channel is 'Tawe Tours'. The walks I have done try to follow a specific criteria, in that they should where possible :-       1. Historic Route. Follow an historic route i.e. Roman Road, Canal Path, Old Tramroad or Railway.     2. Avoid Farms. Frightened of those barking dogs and free roaming livestock.     3. Avoid Roads. The danger of being hit and hard surfaces hurt my feet after awhile. Although you have probably done all the walks I thought it might be of interest to you and your members. Most of the walks are aimed at people of limited mobility. I’ve added a link to his Youtube channel
Merthyr Mawr
Neath Port Talbot Ramblers
Neath Port Talbot Ramblers
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